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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Please Read - from Melissa


Due to the unbelievable number of souls requesting invites in previous posts and the inability of us to keep track, et al., now that I am home, I'm going to make a few changes.

1. I am turning off the feature for comments on all previous posts.

2. I am going to cease updating the side bar candidates list.

3. I am going to send an e-mail to all candidates to determine whether they are still in need of an invite or not.(Those who still need invites will be sent an invite, those who have received one will be removed -- please be honest on whether or not you have received one. There are so many -- over 2,000 -- who haven't that it would be really unfair to hoard them. Those who do not respond within one day will be strikethroughs until I hear from them.)

4. I will post a couple very specific entries for those in need of invites, those who already have invites, and those who want to comment on OT stuff, i.e. features you like, features you don't like, etc. (after all, we are still beta-testers! lol-imadork).

5. If you put your name on the requests list please delete your request once you have received an invite. This eliminates duplicate invites and speeds up the process of your fellow Gmail desiring peers. We all need to work together on this project in order to get it back on track.

Ok, now that I've gotten that all out, once again, thanks to everyone who has supported this blog in any way. You guys rock!

Mel :)

*strikethroughs in this post denote that which has been completed.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Request on my Blog for quicker response

Melissa's Blog is being overrun, so if you'd like you can place a request on my Blog instead:

Gmail - Pay it Forward

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Hi from Cape Cod!

Yo Gmail party people! (I am so freaking punchy right now... Somebody stop me!)

Anyhoo... I have approximately 10 invites at present. I am using someone else's computer so I can't really do much about it right now, but I wanted to give a heads up to all y'all that I'll be home tomorrow night so don't waste even a buck on eBay duuuuude. :P

Alrighty then, I'm off to cause some trouble. I'll check in either Monday night or Tuesday morning. Ciao!

-Mel :D

Friday, June 25, 2004

Invites going Cheap on Ebay

Search for Gmail Invites on Ebay. They're going less than a dollar now. Shipping is free, so if you can afford 99 cents, why not buy a Gmail Invite instead of something on the McDonald's Dollar Menu?

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Things are getting out of hand!! (Place requests here for the time being)

We can barely keep up with requests. New ones are coming in too fast, so if you would please comment further requests here. Hopefully we'll process all the requests on the other post, then reset it. There will be no need to comment twice. Here or there will be fine, please not both.

- Clayburn

Monday, June 21, 2004

Hey Hey Hey....

Hi Everyone...
Just wanted to introduce myself. Im Jeremy, and im right now in Buffalo, NY. I will be helping out Mel in giving out invites. Any questions? None? good. :) I will be giving out invites as soon as I can. Well... take care!

Friday, June 18, 2004

Hi Guys!

Hi you may have seen my name on the contributors list recently and I havent had time to post since I have been busy sorry. I am here now. Anyways I would like to introduce myself my name is Dan and I come from Canada. I run a Blog of my own which, is called NHL and IIHF and is dedicated to Hockey, the greatets sport in the world. I also run a GMail user community which you can find in the Links section of this GMail4U website. Anyways I have a bunch of invites and will gladly give them out. So until than...

See ya soon


Thursday, June 17, 2004

On Vacation


I am going to be on vacation from June 18th through June 27th 2004. Ninety will be away for a few days, as well, but will be maintaining the requests while I'm gone. Clayburn will be keeping an eye out, too. (Don't forget, he's set up a 'sister blog' to this one, so if you're 400 in line here, you may be able to be 40 there. Just please remember to delete your comment/request once you've received an invite. It would help us out immensely & help others to get invites sooner. Thanks.) I also have two generous souls working on maintaining the candidates list. It's a lot of work, so please be patient, we will get to you. :)

Thanks again to everyone who has helped out this blog, everyone who has invited others, and everyone who believes in our philosophy to 'pay it forward.'

-Melissa :)

I'm taking people at random from Melissa's blog, but we don't want to get any duplicates, so if you do post to mine, please delete your comment from Melissa's.


Requests and Invites

Here are a few more tips to keep things in order (due to the high demand).

If you would like to receive an invite - go to the FIRST POST and enter your name and email address into a comment.

If you have invites to spare - go to THIS POST. Look in the right hand column of this blog, and find the name at the top of the list. Before you send the invite, check the comments below that post to make sure the person(s) at the top weren't already invited. If they weren't, go ahead and send the invite. THEN Please post a comment into THIS POST stating the email address or name of the person you invited.

If you have received an invite - also place a note in THIS POST to let everyone know that you were invited.

Board admin are trying to keep things as up to date as possible but the list is snowballing very rapidly. If you can keep the the general rules it will ensure that your name gets on the list in the fastest, and that invites get sent out in a somewhat orderly fashion.

Oh, and I just want to personally thank Mel for starting all of this. I know I am not alone when I say "you're awesome"!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Did you receive an invite via this blog?

If you did, please post a comment here just I know that the invite did go through & you were able to access it without error. (Apparently some people have been unable to access their invites and some people lost their invites to junk mail.)

Also I'm trying to track just how long it takes for each of you to receive your own invites once you've activated your account, so if you could also note either the date you opened your account or how many days it took you to receive invites, that would really help. (If you haven't received invites when you comment, just post the date you opened. When you do receive invites, if you could re-post so I know it worked out, that'd be cool.)

Thanks so much (again) for paying it forward and helping us combat eBay! (lol)
-Mel :)

PS: All requests posted here will be deleted & moved to the proper post.

Updates and such... :)

First off, thanks again to everyone who has offered invites! We greatly appreciate your help. :)

Also, thank you to all those who have requested invites and are willing to "pay it forward" to others on here. :)

Now, I just wanted to let everyone know that, as a result of this blog, at least 18 people have received invites so far, which I think is just fantastic for a blog only created, what, like yesterday? LOL!

Lastly, being the overly organized geek that I am, and with the help of some fellow Gmail users, I created a mini-timetable of when each account was created and how long it took to receive invites just because I was curious and I figured some of you might be, too. :p

So, here goes...

Acct. A: created on June 11 --> 1st set invites by June 12 --> 2nd set invites by June 15

Acct. B: created on June 11 --> 1st set invites by June 14 --> 2nd set invites by NA

Acct. C: created on June 11 --> 1st set invites by June 14 --> 2nd set invites by June 15

Acct. D: created on June 12 --> 1st set invites by June 14 --> 2nd set invites by NA

Acct. E: created on June 13 --> 1st set invites by June 14 --> 2nd set invites by NA

Feel free to analyze this. I'm tired. Cheers!

I'd just like to say that if you have an invite or two, donate a few to our subdivision blog to help it get started: Clayburn's Blog - Clayburn

Just a quick note...

If you noticed that your comment has been deleted, it is because I am currently putting everyone's e-mail address into my database & I will then list you as a candidate. I need to make this as easy as possible for those with invites to pay it forward... Which was, afterall, one of the reasons for creating this blog: easy to give & get an invite for those who want to beta test Gmail. :)

Please have patience, as there are a lot of e-mails to transfer.

Mel :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The Rules

To put your name on our list, you must comment to the FIRST post. The link is here: First Post

Secondly, this works on the honor system, so when it's your turn to invite, please do so.

If you have invites, please comment to the "Did you Receive an Invite via this Blog?" post.


Do to the overwhelming response to Got Gmail the team members & I will be making some changes in how we manage invites. Please bear with us while we implement these changes.

If you are an invite holder, please contact myself, Ninety, or Clayburn for names/e-mail addresses of those to whom you should send your invite.

Thanks for your patience,
The Got Gmail Team

Edit: Please remember to post both your name and e-mail address if you want to receive an invite. Thanks.

Also, please do not send e-mail to those who have received invites asking for an invite unless they have offered their e-mail to do so. I can not stress this point enough. I'd hate to have to shut down this blog due to the abuse of others privacy. Thank you.

WOW!!! Thanks for all the feedback!

I am so overwhelmed by all the new responses! LOL! When I went to bed I had more invites than those who needed them, now, well, goodness!

To all seeking invites: Because it is so hard to keep track of comments, I am going on a first come first serve basis for adding you to the list. Please remember to reply to the first post. (The link is in the post right before this one, as well as in the Candidates list in the right sidebar.) Note: If you didn't reply to the first post, no worry. I will get to you. This is for all future posters.

To all with invites: Please comment to the "seeking invites" post or send an e-mail to propaganda[at] We greatly need your help!

To all waiting to be added to the list: I created the sidebar additions using code, so it takes a little longer plugging in all the names, etc. I will get to you soon. Do not despair, do not feel cheated... Also, if anyone here knows code & is a blogger member, I'd be most grateful for help in adding the names & e-mail addresses. Thanks :)

It isn't instant ... unfortunately

The invites don't come immediately - I'm still waiting for mine and it has been around 20 hours.

Remember to post a comment to the first message if you are interested in joining the chain. I will be hitting the list as soon as my invites become active.

For those who aren't finding the first message ... HERE IT IS

To infinity and beyond!<


Wow I was amazed to find a gmail invite in my yahoo spam box. Thats right Yahoo classified my invite as spam and sent it to that folder. I found it and quickly signed up. I want to pay it forward but do not think I have any invites yet. I do not have an invite message in my gmail account. Any ideas. Maybe it just take a couple days.

Thanks again.


Holy Moly! You guys aren't going to believe this!

So I sent a message & link to this blog over to the Gmail Team and this morning I have a total of 6 invites plus 2 more from my dad's account! Sooo, that covers almost everyone on the candidate list!

I'm gonna just start sending out invites to everyone on there in order. I'll also send you a quick e-mail letting you know what's up, in case you don't read this note.

So, if you see your name with a strikethrough, look for an invite at the addy provided!

Also, please tell others so they can join & we can pass on even more invites. :)


PS: How awesome is this? (lol - imadork) =D

Looking for Gmail invites for "Pay it Forward"

If anyone reads this who has an invite & would like to share it for the simple pleasure of passing it on to a fellow beta tester, please comment below.

In order to really get this going, we need more invites to pass on to people. Granted, I know that most people coming here do so b/c they are looking for invites, lol, but just in case you are reading this and sitting on 1, 2, or 3 invites and thinking, "What on earth am I going to do with these?" Well, look to your right at the list of candidates -- go on, look, don't be shy -- that's what you can do with your invites. Help us keep the Gmail beta testing process clean and untainted with eBay sales or swaps (which is not to say swaps are bad, per se, it's just that some people either really do not have anything to swap, or they feel uncomfortable doing so -- I don't want to bag Sean's website b/c he is doing a great service to the community). :)


PS: If you have an invite & would prefer to *not* post a comment, please feel free to e-mail me privately for an anonymous (so to speak) invite donation: propaganda[at]

Monday, June 14, 2004

1-3 more invites up for grabs!

I just found out my dad is offering 1 to 3 invites to my cause. :)

Since Jack is next up, he'll get the first invite.

Ninety, if you could send one of your invites to Clayburn, that would be great! And Jack, if you could send one to Adam. (I linked their e-mail addresses to their names in the "Candidates" list.) :)

If I get a 2nd, possibly 3rd, I'll take on Clayburn & Adam, and the list goes on... (Make sense? lol. I think I'm getting tired...)


PS: I added a Gmail FAQ at the bottom of the sidebar just in case.

I have passed on 1 invite to Ninety!

Welcome to the chain, Ninety! :)

I sure do wish I'd thought of this sooner when I had a bunch more invites, but I may be able to get 3 more later today for those who replied to my first post. Also, Ninety has offered to pass on an invite to Jack. (Thanks Ninety!) This little idea of mine is already working! Yay!

I'm hoping that by the end of the week everyone on here will get a Gmail account and an opportunity to give feedback to Google. :)

Each person who receives an invite will be added to the Team Members so he/she can post who he/she has passed on an invite to. This way we can be sure to cover everyone here & keep the chain going.

Thanks so much & I'll post as soon as I know about those extra invites! Cheers! :)

So you say you want a Gmail invite?

Request invite here.

And you don't want to bid on eBay or you have nothing to offer up over at gmail swap? Nor do you want to wade through the myriad message boards created for and devoted to the concept of getting your own Gmail?

Well, you've come to the right spot.

What I propose: I offer 1 Gmail invite to 1 person, who, in turn, offers 1 Gmail invite to 1 person, and so on and so on, thus creating a Gmail chain link.

The catch? You've got to seriously be willing to offer an invite to someone who will offer feedback and suggestions to Google. The point, ladies & gentlemen, is not just getting the coveted Gmail acct., nor is it getting your own unique screen name. The point is helping the folks at Google get the best possible feedback on suggestions, problems, etc.

If I offered you an invite right now, would you be willing to beta test, send suggestions, etc.? Would you then be willing to post to whom you sent your invite and ask that person to do the same so that this blog would consist entirely of posts from the givers & receivers of invites?

If anyone is willing to partake in my Gmail link idea, please reply and you'll get an invite.

Thanks for reading & have a lovely day.
-Mel :)

Edit: Duplicate posts, requests with no e-mail address or name provided, and requests from those who have received invites will be deleted by Team Members. I apologize for any inconvenience, but many offering invites have stated problems in sorting through requests.