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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Information on Mr. Bennet of NBC's Heroes

Mr. Bennet is also known as HRG. Who is HRG? Well, Mr. Bennet is! HRG stands for horn-rimmed glasses and he was originally referred to as this before we came to know him as Claire's father.

Some claim he is an Internet Champion for his wonderful blog posts. Even with his silence he can cause an uproar of laughter. The people of China adore him.

His hobbies include shooting people, hunting Sylar, and playing chess with Mr. Muggles.

At first glance, Noah Bennet appears to be an ordinary businessman who works at the Primatech Paper Company and lives in Odessa, Texas, with his wife and two children. However, he and his associates have actually traveled the world for a number of years investigating superhuman phenomena. Bennet claims that he assists them in learning to use their powers, although there are sometimes unintended consequences. One of Bennet's associates is a mysterious man known only as "The Haitian" with the power of wiping out memories. Others include Eden McCain, a doctor called "Hank," and a woman called "Lisa". In the past, he has also worked with Claude, the "Invisible Man". His true agenda and overall affiliation are still mysterious. In response to Matt Parkman's inquiries as to whether he works for the FBI or the CIA, Bennet said he doesn't work for "any organization that has initials."[3] Bennet clearly loves his daughter, Claire, but is also overprotective of her. This sometimes leads him to use his authority and associates in ways more unsavory than usual. Past, present and future events all indicate that Bennet has lied about Claire's origin multiple times. This leads him to lose the trust of his daughter temporarily in the first season.

According to his driving license, his previous address is 9 Juniper Lane, Odessa, Texas. Noah Bennet speaks Japanese, and also appears to speak at least a limited amount of Russian. Bennet is also proficient with firearms. Although he does not possess any powers of his own, his extensive experience in dealing with beings with superpowers makes him capable of handling them.

At the moment he is relazing. But don't worry. Mr. Bennet will start posting again! In the meantime, you can find him competing in Sylar's Bachelor!

"The man with the horn-rimmed glasses. He chased me around the world."

- Mohinder (to Eden)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

How's Gmail Working For You?

So now everyone pretty much has Gmail, right? So how do you enjoy it?

I'm using it on a couple of my domains, through Google's Domain Services. It's really great. Google Talk is also integrated with it, which means I can talk to my "employees" while we're all online checking email. It's a great feature.

Take care, all you crazy Heroes!

-Your friends at the Burnt Toast Diner.