Got Gmail?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Primatech Invitations

Primatech has given away over 10,000 Gmail invitations!

The Odessa, TX paper company has been involved in giving away Gmail invitations since the beginning.

Their Chairman obtained a Gmail account and apparently enjoyed it so much, that he set up a system for getting all his employees Gmail accounts.

Once Gmail started kicking out the invitations like crazy, Primatech hit the web logs and forums, spreading their invitations to all that hoped for one.

Now, Gmail can be obtained much easier than before. All you need is a mobile phone with text messaging capabilities. However, if you find yourself still unable to obtain a Gmail account, you could try contacting Primatech and requesting one. A spokeperson from Primatech says, "Primatech will be more than happy to provide you with an invitation to Gmail."

Primatech officially endorses Gmail and Google as their choice for employee email, web search, calendar and more.