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Thursday, June 17, 2004

On Vacation


I am going to be on vacation from June 18th through June 27th 2004. Ninety will be away for a few days, as well, but will be maintaining the requests while I'm gone. Clayburn will be keeping an eye out, too. (Don't forget, he's set up a 'sister blog' to this one, so if you're 400 in line here, you may be able to be 40 there. Just please remember to delete your comment/request once you've received an invite. It would help us out immensely & help others to get invites sooner. Thanks.) I also have two generous souls working on maintaining the candidates list. It's a lot of work, so please be patient, we will get to you. :)

Thanks again to everyone who has helped out this blog, everyone who has invited others, and everyone who believes in our philosophy to 'pay it forward.'

-Melissa :)

I'm taking people at random from Melissa's blog, but we don't want to get any duplicates, so if you do post to mine, please delete your comment from Melissa's.



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