Got Gmail?

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Did you receive an invite via this blog?

If you did, please post a comment here just I know that the invite did go through & you were able to access it without error. (Apparently some people have been unable to access their invites and some people lost their invites to junk mail.)

Also I'm trying to track just how long it takes for each of you to receive your own invites once you've activated your account, so if you could also note either the date you opened your account or how many days it took you to receive invites, that would really help. (If you haven't received invites when you comment, just post the date you opened. When you do receive invites, if you could re-post so I know it worked out, that'd be cool.)

Thanks so much (again) for paying it forward and helping us combat eBay! (lol)
-Mel :)

PS: All requests posted here will be deleted & moved to the proper post.


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