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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

WOW!!! Thanks for all the feedback!

I am so overwhelmed by all the new responses! LOL! When I went to bed I had more invites than those who needed them, now, well, goodness!

To all seeking invites: Because it is so hard to keep track of comments, I am going on a first come first serve basis for adding you to the list. Please remember to reply to the first post. (The link is in the post right before this one, as well as in the Candidates list in the right sidebar.) Note: If you didn't reply to the first post, no worry. I will get to you. This is for all future posters.

To all with invites: Please comment to the "seeking invites" post or send an e-mail to propaganda[at] We greatly need your help!

To all waiting to be added to the list: I created the sidebar additions using code, so it takes a little longer plugging in all the names, etc. I will get to you soon. Do not despair, do not feel cheated... Also, if anyone here knows code & is a blogger member, I'd be most grateful for help in adding the names & e-mail addresses. Thanks :)