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Friday, August 20, 2004

Gmail4u How To's

Quick Links:

  • Request Gmail invites here.

  • See how to give your invites away here.

  • Notify others you received your invite here.


  • How do I get a Gmail invite from this blog?
    If your name is located in the Candidates List in the side bar of this blog, then you are well on your way to receiving an invite. Click here to read more...

  • I have extra Gmail invites, who should I invite from this blog?
    First off, thanks so much for paying your extra invites forward! Ok, so here's what to do... Click here to read more...

  • I just received an invite for Gmail from this blog, how do I get my name off the Candidates List?
    If your name is on the Candidates List and you have received an invite... Click here to read more...

  • I still don't get it... What's this blog all about anyway?
    If you've read the Mission Statement on the top right and scrolled down to the Manifesto (under the Candidates List) and want to know more, then check out the post that started it all. Click here to read...

Note: Please stay on topic in these posts. Requests that wind up in the wrong post won't be found by the people who have invites to send. I've had a lot of time (not to mention trial and error) to get this blog to run smoothly and I think this current plan will work if we all try to help out. :)

Now, have a question I haven't covered? Well then, here would be the place to post your queries! Comment away!


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