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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Requests and Invites

Here are a few more tips to keep things in order (due to the high demand).

If you would like to receive an invite - go to the FIRST POST and enter your name and email address into a comment.

If you have invites to spare - go to THIS POST. Look in the right hand column of this blog, and find the name at the top of the list. Before you send the invite, check the comments below that post to make sure the person(s) at the top weren't already invited. If they weren't, go ahead and send the invite. THEN Please post a comment into THIS POST stating the email address or name of the person you invited.

If you have received an invite - also place a note in THIS POST to let everyone know that you were invited.

Board admin are trying to keep things as up to date as possible but the list is snowballing very rapidly. If you can keep the the general rules it will ensure that your name gets on the list in the fastest, and that invites get sent out in a somewhat orderly fashion.

Oh, and I just want to personally thank Mel for starting all of this. I know I am not alone when I say "you're awesome"!!!